autumn harvest bowl chock full of beets, jicama, and microgreens

an autumn harvest bowl chock full of the end of the season farmers market treasures!



3 pounds of roasted beets ( I like any color, but it is fun to combine golden and red beets! )

Olive oil, salt and pepper  for roasting beets

4 medium sized jicama sliced

3 cups of arugula

3 cup of cooked quinoa

handful of micro greens

toasted pecans – 1 cup

1 cup of feta cheese chopped

1 avocado peeled and sliced


1/4 cup olive oil

2 TB flavored balsamic vinegar ( I like fig flavored for this bowl )

2 TB pure maple syrup

zest and juice from 1 lemon

2 TB grainy mustard

salt and white pepper to taste


Pre heat oven to 400 degrees

Wash and SCRUB your beets, removing dirty patches from the skin

Place clean beets in a medium sized bowl and drizzle olive oil on the top

Mix beets to make sure all of the beets are covered with olive oil ( I use my hands)

Place beets on a sheet pan and sprinkle with salt and pepper

Bake for 20- 25 minutes or until golden brown and caramelized

Remove from oven and allow to cool

Cook quinoa according to package directions

Peel and slice jicama

Toast the pecans in a dry saute pan on medium heat for a few minutes, tossing frequently until golden brown.  Remove from heat and set aside

Mix dressing ingredients together in the bottom of a medium sized bowl

Reserve small amount of dressing for drizzling over the top of bowl

Toss arugula with remaining dressing

Place arugula in the bottom of serving bowl

Attractively arrange the roasted beets, jicama, quinoa, and micro greens in the bowl

Top with sliced avocado, chopped feta, and toasted pecans